Why test and tag?

plug shock safety test

Test and tagging is used for the purpose of ensuring an appliance is electrically safe for personal use. It is also required to have portable appliances in workplaces tested and tagged at regular intervals. To find out the requirements, feel free to contact us on the contact page.

Some of the tests that are required for testing and tagging are as follows:

  • A visual check to ensure no visible damage has occurred on the appliance or on the lead for the appliance, which could be an electrical risk.
  • Earth continuity test, which test the connection between the earth pin on the plug between all exposed metal parts. This is very important to insure there is a good enough connection, it could save a life.
  • Insulation resistance testing, checks the integrity of the insulation around the live conductors ensuring that operation voltage and current remain out of reach of users of the equipment.
  • Leakage current test, checks for current leakage through the earthed parts of the appliance or around the enclosure. It checks for leakage while the appliance is operating.
  • Polarity testing, is a test carried out on a cord or power board (EPOD) to determine whether the active and neutral of the plug end, are connected to the corresponding locations on the socket end.